12 of the World’s Most Beautiful Walkways

Porto Alegre Brazil,

Photo Courtesy of Inhabitant.com

Porto Alegre, Brazil is known for having one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Rua Goncalo de Carvalho is lined with Tipuana Tipu trees,(Ti-pooh-ah-na TEE-pooh) native to South America, and found in other warm climates as well.  These beautiful trees have a rapid growth ratio, and blossom with small yellow flowers during early summer.  Providing a stunning retreat in the middle of urban Porto Alegre, this little oasis was almost destroyed by a shopping mall development, however due to a strong reaction from the residents of the city this street has now become a heritage site.  A definite shady retreat from the hot sun of Brazil!

Molyvos Lesvos, Greece

Photo courtesy of http://www.molyvos.eu/

Traditionally known as Mithymna, Molyvos is a village on the island of Lesvos, at the North Aegean side of Greece. Quaint cobblestone streets are shaded with  lavender coloured Wisteria Trees giving this village ownership to reprieve and serenity.  However, not only is the island of Lesvos beautiful, locals have also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for their  humanitarian efforts in assisting the Syrian people and bringing them to land giving them food, water and shelter. The future of Lesvos at this time is uncertain, as is the future of their tourism industry.

Altea Alicante, Spain

Photo Credit to designsmaz.com

Altea can be found along the Mediterranean coast of Spain.  It’s a charming village with the ‘Old Town’ perched high on top and cobblestone steps descending downward to the ‘New Town’, offering spectacular views at every corner. The climate in Altea remains temperate making it a beautiful location year round to enjoy.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Photo Credit to lexyabroad.tumblr.com

Chefchaouen Morocco’s town of Medina is known for its brilliant blue walls, and buildings. One could get lost in the sea of blue,  winding their way through one of many mazes in aesthetic awe.  It was believed at one point that the blue symbolized earth and heaven, however, a more current theory is that the blue colour repels mosquitos as they tend to avoid anything that resembles the sea.

Nakasendo Trail

Photo Credit to google.com

This trail dates back to the Edo Period, between the years of 1603 – 1868 connecting modern-day Tokyo to Kyoto.  Translated to ‘Central Mountain Route’, It expands over 500 km.  This trail has a very rich history hosting ancient travellers such as samurai, villagers and feudal lords alike. The trail was once very populated, and villages were constructed along the way to convenience the traveller. This walk is still famous for many who wish to take a pilgrimage through breathtaking scenery and several villages experiencing true spirituality along the way.  One can spend anywhere between five to eleven days travelling from Kyoto to Tokyo via this route, and there are many tour groups offering various itineraries including accommodations in Japanese Inns within each village.  The packages are quite pricey, but I guess an adventurous person could certainly undertake this on their own.  Or well…with a map at least!

Bamboo Forest, Kyoto Japan

Photo Credit to Kei Blyth

Japan definitely won me over this time around.  I could not decide on which location, or season to focus on.. whether it was the lantern festival, or the cherry blossom festival, so many options! However The Bamboo Grove in all its majestic beauty couldn’t be missed. Located within the Arashiyama and Sagano districts, just outside Kyoto, this forested pathway is protected as a National Historic Site.  This path can transcend anyone to another world as they stroll through a trail of large brilliant green bamboo swaying in the wind,  and if one is really lucky they might even catch a photo-op of sunlight peeking through.  A definite ‘do-not-miss’ on any venture to the Kyoto region of Japan.

Palermo, Sicily

Photo Credit to fbcdn.net

Palermo, Italy can be found on the island of Sicily, and boasts a rich culture of cathedrals, royal tombs and ancient buildings.  The Mediterranean weather attracts many visitors to this region, and there is much to see and experience.. as there is everywhere in Italy!  Food, culture, history, architecture…What more could one want?

Balleymoney, Ireland

Photo Credit to HuffingtonPost.com

Okay… Ireland HAS to be on this list,  with its lush greenery and charming Irish Gaelic nature, Ireland attracts visitors from all over the world.  Balleymoney in Northern Ireland is home to this amazing lane, lined with Beech trees planted in the 18th century, you might also catch a glimpse of this location on Games of Thrones, as ‘The King’s Road’. Very suiting actually as it once led up to The Georgian Mansion owned by the Stuart Family who were also the creative and dedicated individuals who planted these trees.  On another note, locally known as The Dark Hedges, many believe this tree-lined road is haunted by ‘The Grey Lady’, a lost spirit from a graveyard beneath.. My opinion is neutral on this one…but sightings have been seen of her “gliding through the trees at dusk..” Ghostwatch.net so you might not want to travel this one on your own after dark…just saying!

Dresden, Germany

Photo Credit to thecrazytourist.com

Beauty does not always come without despair. This street in the old part of Dresden Germany leads to a stunning view of The Dresden Frauenkirche, a Lutheran Church ornate in architecture and stunning detail.  The Capital of Saxony, Dresdon,  was destroyed during WWII, and this church among most of the city was left in ruins, and as a symbolic reminder’ “Its ruins remained untouched as a symbol against war..”  the Church remained untouched for years.  Then just shortly following the Fall of the Berlin Wall, the rebuilding of The Dresden Frauenkirche began in 1992, and opened it’s doors in 2005.

Montreal, Canada

Photo Credit to OliverFluck.com

Beautiful Montreal..from the cosmopolitan downtown core to the charm of Old Town’s captivating cobblestone streets.  From multi-coloured row houses to the St. Lawrence River. Not only breathtakingly beautiful (in my opinion) but Quebec is also home to a very important and rich history for Canada, as we already know!  Mind you, I could be biased as I am relatively from right next door, however Montreal and Quebec in general is a very beautiful part of Canada, and rightfully deserved a place on the list.

Agueda, Portugal

Photo credit to visittheworld.com

Ágitagueda art festival in Agueda Brazil follows a wonderful tradition of displaying hundreds of umbrellas along certain streets.  Providing a charming and artistic experience for visitors and locals alike this festival takes place every July. And here in Agueda the colourful display of umbrellas match the beautiful pallet of Brazil. The umbrella tradition is relatively new, but the art festival itself has been around for years.  Unique, colourful art installations can be enjoyed around the city as urban artists are celebrated annually here.

photo courtesy of http://www.apstour.com

And of course…. Paris… just the name itself lends to descriptions that can be left unsaid. City of lights, city of architecture and city of fine french culinary delight..Paris has so much to offer.  At every street, around every corner..Paris is the quintessential city of beautiful walkways.

I hope you have enjoyed this collection of the beauty of international streets and pathways from my perspective.  I’ve greatly enjoyed putting this together, and I am looking forward to many more projects that are already being planned!

Next stop…my home town….

So which city was your favourite?  Let us know!



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