Gastown, Night Stroll

One good thing about daylight savings time, and perhaps the only good thing…is that you can take a nice night stroll right after work.  I am fortunate to work downtown Vancouver, and within walking distance to the iconic Gastown, known for amazing old character buildings, cobblestone paths and a multitude of unique shops and restaurants for all tastes.  Deciding that I needed to pick up something for dinner I googled the nearest grocery store, as my normal one was just a little further than I wanted to walk.  I discovered a Nesters Market in Gastown at the old Woodwards building!  Okay, so Nester’s isn’t exactly cheap, but it was convenient for picking up a few items, and they display local, and have a great array of produce, that’s all it takes for me!

Photo by Kathy Lum

I can honestly say that I’ve never been to this part of Gastown, or even the Woodwards building.  Which, I would like to research the history of this building in full on a future post!  The Red W in the background of this autumn city photo is where Woodwards building stands, and there is definitely something special about it.  More to come on that topic…

Ahh…the cobblestone streets in the rain..

Photo by Kathy Lum

Not sure on the quality of this photo…but this is just an idea of the beauty of Gastown, one of my favourite neighbourhoods… along side English Bay and the Westend..

The stroll was beautiful, the weather was crisp, but not too cold yet. Just perfect for a walk in the city for an hour after work.

Another iconic building here in Gastown is the old Train Station.  Stunning… and yes even though I have a ‘thing’ for architectural beauty, this building really does give spirit and bragging rights to Vancouver. It’s a hub for our trasportation, skytrain throughout the lower mainland, a seabus that takes you across the inlet to North Vancouver, and a real train, ‘The WestCoast Express’ that also takes you to the outskirts of Vancouver.  More photos of the inside will follow, but for now it was just an impromptu walk, with some impromptu photos of buildings that I like.

The Train Station

Photo by Kathy Lum

So…in summary, yes Vancouver is a little rainy, but with the right gear and attitude, there is so much to enjoy here, rain or shine!  And sometimes it simply just takes a little walk to remember why we live here, and why we pay……to live here! xo


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