Do You Remember These Toys …and other stuff from the ’70s?

It was Christmas Eve, 1970 (something…) and I was like every other 1970s girl who wanted More Than Anything on the planet; ‘The Little Professor!’

It was more than a calculator, it was the first hand-held electronics experience!  The red light up of the equations The Owl Professor gave you would make all us ’70s kids squeal with delight when we answered the question right.  It was basically a mathematical game, that was addictive.  I guess the joke was on us at the time, begging our parents for ummm a calculator for Christmas.  I did get this little fella for Christmas, but my mom gave it to me Christmas Eve, (honestly, I think she just couldn’t wait) and I played with it a little, then was awake the whole night..too excited to sleep, and mostly due to this cute little red lit calculator.


Oh… those Pepsi-Cola Shoes!!! They were wedge shoes with the soda logo and design on the wide platform type heel.  And these shoes were high, interestingly enough my mom wouldn’t let me get a pair!  I guess there was something about my being under 4 feet tall and still in ‘single digits’ that stopped her.  I could be wrong though..hmmm


Slinky….’it’s fun for a girl or a boy’

Yep….coolest thing ever.  And when you had one, the stairs were your first destination.  Although the slinky has never really disappeared from the market, it was still one of those toys every kid simply could NOT do without!


Oh Those Sparkly, and Glittering Foil Wind Mills!!!

My personal favourite…. every summer every little girl needed one of these.  Not sure what it was about stuff that sparkled, but if you were the girl on the block with literally anything with ‘shine’, then you were IT, yes…. ultra cool.  And other girls would run back home crying that they just had to have the glitter foil wind mill today!!!


And For the Boys….. it was Stretch Armstrong.

I can almost feel the pull of the rubber as I’m typing, it was fun!! That dude’s arm would stretch and stretch into all kinds of strange postures, can’t you just remember that?


Slime Ruled….

Especially the green slime with the purple worms.  Okay, so if you had the regular slime that was great but when you had the purple worm slime,..well that was the ultimate.  I literally remember the distinct aroma of the plastic-toxic-ton of fun slime..


Mexican Jumping Beans

Something I never understood was the phenomena of the Mexican Jumping Bean.

My mom bought these once for us…until she found out the sad reality of these little fellas. Moth Larvae is what makes these beans jump, actually not beans at all but little larvae pods.  She got rid of them pretty quickly!  Do they even still sell them?


Bike Tassels and Banana Seats

Need I say more?


The Skipping Rope

All those disturbing little rhymes such as ‘Cinderella Dressed in Yella’ and something about kissing a ‘fella’, well we jumped for days on end with this simple little passtime.


Big Bouncy Balls

The first sign of summer was when the local grocery store would stock up on these spectacularly exciting bright and cheerful bouncy balls.  I can still remember the thrill of going outside with the brightest ball on the block. bouncyballs

 The Bouncing Balloon…

My ultimate favourite summer-time toy was the huge punching balloon you would get from the fair.  You know the one I’m talking about, it has a handle, bigger than you and you would punch that thing for hours on end, and it made that hollow bouncy sound?

I had a red one from a summer fair, and that very same day my grandfather accidentally burst it with his ummm cigarette as we were tapping it back and forth.  I cried,and cried and we went to EVERY STORE in the neighbourhood looking for a replacement.  I think he probably felt worse than I did!  Especially….when my mom came home, yep…not a good day for him ; )


I hope you’ve enjoyed traveling down memory lane with me and the things we used to entertain ourselves for hours with.  Oh the simplicity of the 70’s!

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