10 Truths That Make You a Writer

Even if you think you aren’t….


1.   You Search and Search Every Article on Writing

Minutes turn to hours while reading favourite blogs on writing, from tips to ideas, from ways to increase your readership to publishing your first novel.  You dream of doing exactly what your successful ideologists have mastered before you.  Truth is, while some search dinner recipes to plan the perfect dinner, you’re ordering take-out saving time to put together the perfect sentence.


2.   You Swear No One Would be Interested in Your Writing

Truth is… this only further reiterates your strong desire to write.  We always show a small amount of insecurity in the things we love the most.  Writing is no different. Eventually as you discover your love of writing, you will find many pages of various short stories, non-fiction articles, or even poems that you feel just aren’t up to par for public viewing, but remember, writing does not have to be perfect, it just has to be sincere and true to yourself. Don’t write for publication and payment, just write for yourself…the rest will naturally fall into place!


3.   You See the World From a Unique Perspective

Do you see an authentic little market in the middle of a small and quaint town, and rather than wondering about all the eclectic finds,  you instead think of the great story you could write about this market?  If you see things from a writer’s perspective, which you probably do,  it is a sure-fire hint that you are a writer at heart.  I can tell you… most people do not think of writing an article upon first sight of a market, they think of how much cash they have on hand!


4.   The Never-Ending Notebook


This one is easy!  The writer generally always has a notebook tucked away with them anywhere they go.  In fact, they really and truly do not leave home without it!  Truth is… if you have a notebook on hand with you at all times, just in case an idea comes up to write about…then you are a writer.  And if you want to be a writer, then definitely get that notebook, and take it with you everywhere.  You would be surprised at how many ideas are to be found right outside your doorstep.


5.   You Would Rather Write on a Friday Night

Truth is, many of us that enjoy writing are recluse by nature.  I personally love to stay in most nights and especially weekends.  Writers tend to find themselves lost in their own thoughts a lot.  When the house is quiet, the ideas that can form are amazing, and the joy of a finished product trumps being out and having commuting problems and a light wallet every time.


6.   You Lovingly Scrutinize Over Every Word…and love it!

Truth is, if you’re excited over finding the perfectly fitting word in a perfectly fitting sentence, then yes….you are a writer!


7.   Writing is Therapeutic

I could go on for hours with this point, but let’s just say that if you find yourself feeling less than wonderful (to say the least) and writing seems to cast a ray of sunshine your way, then chances are very good you’re a writer.  Some people go for a run, some turn to a friend when a problem casts its ugly shadow, but I have found that writing a few pages on pretty much anything has brought me back from misery more than once.  You’re writing is your own, and when you write you are given back some of the power and control you may feel that you lost during circumstantial times.


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8.   One of Your 1st Thoughts in the Morning..

If you live on the West Coast, chances are you have awakened to rain on more than a few occasions, and if one of your first thoughts that morning is what a great day to stay in and pound out some thoughts on paper, then truth is… you’re a writer.


9.   Books are Possessions Worth More than Gold

Books are phenomenal, books are beautiful, I love books, all books.  Full of knowledge, full of words, so much to learn in books.  If you treasure your books and just the very essence of their being, then truth is… you’re a little eccentric, just like the rest of us!  And you’re most likely a writer.  Reading and writing, if you’re a writer, you are a reader. The two are inseparable.


10.  You Write Anywhere, Everywhere, All the Time

If you see a coffee shop and your first thought is how cohesive the ambience is for writing a page or two, or if you see a coffee shop and think how you just ‘have’ to spend a few hours in there writing, most likely you are without a doubt a writer.  Embrace it, accept it, and be proud of it.  You do not have to be published to be a writer, but you do have to write. So write, write everyday, write about the sun, the moon, the environment, write your good thoughts everyday, write your bad thoughts away… it doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be written.  So enjoy… and be a writer….


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5 comments on “10 Truths That Make You a Writer”
  1. Charles says:

    Thank you

    I still don’t do all these things.
    But tomorrow and tomorrow
    so I shall


    1. Kathy Lum says:

      Thank-you for the comment Charles, and remember…the writing is yours to own, as is the writer in you!


  2. Franty Ozora says:

    Thank you! Now I’m sure that I am a writer =)


    1. Kathy Lum says:

      I am so happy to have helped! Thank you for your comment : )


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