Spend the Holidays in New York!


Painting credit to the Incredible Rod Chase http://subscribe.ru/group/chelovek-priroda-vselennaya/4832989/

The Canadian Thanksgiving has just come to an end, and now many Americans will be bringing in the holidays with their own traditions of turkey and seasonings.  As a Canadian, I was always just a little envious of how close their Thanksgiving is to Christmas, it seems a little more festive, and a little more cozy, not sure why…it just is. Not complaining though, as I love our holiday, and proud of being a Canadian!

Imagine New York City in December.. if you’re lucky it may even snow, of course I think the probability is quite high!  Rockefeller Square has always been the quitessential postcard of a holiday scene.  And if Christmas isn’t celebrated by you, then come for the spirit and the decor of December!

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photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/elsa11/4392388695/

What better place to find that holiday spirit than at Rockefeller Square in New York City?    Grab a cup of hot cocoa and walk around the square in admiration of all the festive lights.  The famous outdoor ice rink is quite busy just before the holidays, and pricey as well at $25.00 for adults plus skate rental, but the scene can still be admired from a distance!  Traveling to New York does not have to be expensive, and we can definitely find great enjoyment from all the free (or almost free) events around the city.

photo credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/elsa11/4392388695/

Skating at beautiful Central Park can be an incredible alternative, stunningly festive, yet a whole lot cheaper at just half the price at $12.00 current cost as of 2016.

photo credit to https://www.flickr.com/photos/parisinfourmonths/12661244374/

Ice skating at Central Park in New York City could definitely be an item to check off the bucket list!  Pair it up with a little hot chocolate afterwards and you’ve made a wonderful and memorable day on your NYC over the holidays itinerary.

Painting credit to the Incredible Rod Chase http://subscribe.ru/group/chelovek-priroda-vselennaya/4832989/

The Union Square Holiday Market in the heart of New York City is a beloved tradition by locals and visitors alike.  Homemade artisan gifts, food, candles and soaps plus a ton of holiday spirit in the middle of this beautful and much loved city.


photo courtesy of the holiday market

My favourite place in NYC seems to be this lovely park in the middle of manhattan.  The Winter Village at Bryant Park, free ice skating here, and beautiful christmas lights to charm anyone into the holiday spirit!



Photo courtesy of http://www.metro.us/new-york/why-winter-village-in-bryant-park-is-the-best-holiday-market-in-nyc/zsJpju—eLre4BY45FNfI/

Or maybe a horse and carriage ride through Central Park with snow falling and hot chocolate in hand, what could possibly be more welcoming!


Photo Courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com/source/thecooneycorner.com


So…why not spend the holidays in New York City!

A beautiful and iconic city during the most festive time of year!


Photo Courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com/source/nylonpinksy.tumblr.com


Photo Courtesy of https://www.pinterest.com/source/xmasdiycraft.blogspot.co.uk





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    1. Kathy Lum says:

      Hi Ankita thank-you for the message! You’re right I need to plan a trip to India, there is so much to see there… my next trip will be to Costa Rica..


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