The Rains of Vancouver

The Pacific West coast… Seattle, Portland, and yes my home… Vancouver. We are all known for our rain, and many wonder how we live in a city that has an average rainfall of 168 days per year.

Believe me, we complain about our weather daily… but just like the yin and the yang, our rain is essential in contrasting the absolute beauty of our summers!  Without the rain, our summers wouldn’t be nearly as exciting!  And believe me, us Vancouverites….we LOVE our summers…

Of course though, if it gets too hot then we will complain about that too, … (you know 28 degrees Celsius is quite hot for us!!)  But to be honest, when we complain about the rain, or the heat, it really is just our dysfunctional way of expressing our affection for the city we love so much, our metaphoric centre of the universe!  (Sorry Toronto)

I assure you, we really don’t mean what we say when we complain…daily.

In fact it’s a right of passage, and you know you’re a true Vancouverite when you complain about any weather pretty much! But I must let you in on a little secret, ‘we actually don’t really mind the rain….’ shhh!


For example, the day I wrote this it was raining…yes…. but the air was warmer than it has been since winter began, and the smell of spring was all around.  It was beautiful, and a hint of what is just around the corner.

Pretty soon the pink cherry blossoms will be a stunning contrast against the sky that miraculously changed from grey to blue, hmmm…. that is always a novelty!  And exploring our west coast beaches, our seawall, and many vibrant neighbourhoods with the combination of west coast saltwater and aroma of rain mixed in the air is what makes our city a wonderful and unique place to live, and visit!  And if you want to be really adventurous, then catch our BC Ferries to Vancouver Island, you will love it, and you can’t get any more west coast than that!

So if you want to venture to Vancouver, always remember to check our rainy season, but don’t write us off too quickly because even in the rain… the city is truly lovely. The ocean, the mountains, our wonderful eateries, and especially in the rain you can experience what we really are all about.

In fact I just said to a co-worker earlier…”A nice day in Vancouver during the rainy season is a day with a very large umbrella that someone else holds for you!”


But if you have to hold that umbrella yourself…. it really is nonetheless, still a great day, so come out and enjoy the quintessential rains of Vancouver and huddle around large umbrellas with all the rest of us!


Kathy ~

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(Hey…and if you’ve ever been to Vancouver, then let me know what you’re favourite part of the trip was!  And if you have any questions about my little rainy city… then please feel free to ask!  I would love to hear from you)

Black and white umbrella photo courtesy of UBC Blog


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