Time to Plan Your Personal Writing Retreat? Here’s How…

Reveling in the excitement of planning my own personal writer’s retreat, I have decided that I really must share this idea with all of you!  Of course it is by no means a novel idea, as it’s been around since the days of Ernest Hemingway.  However, it is something that can be easily overlooked as we are pounding away at deadlines, working at our day jobs, and consciously ignoring housework which has sadly become a way of life. We unfortunately push aside the very thing we need to be a writer, and that is to write.

Is it Time?

It isn’t easy to stop everything and take a designated day, or two away from the house, and away from work, but if you love to write, then it should be a right-of-passage to take a writer’s retreat.

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Many successful authors will find that ideal location brimming with inspiration, locked away from everyone, and locked away from time.  The best and most successful authors know that if they want to turn out truly inspiring, heart-felt work then it’s something they consider as part of the job. We all live close where we could imagine relaxing at, without distraction and pressure, except of course for that second cappuccino you ordered!

Plan Ahead

I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone when I experience a tingle of excitement at the thought of planning a small personal writer’s retreat.  You are the coordinator, and the best part is that you know your ‘own client’ very well!  Plan your day at a coffee shop, start the day early and feel the inspiration as you leave your house with a laptop and notebook under your arm, and pen in hand. Most importantly, be sure to have chosen a good location, somewhere with a nice ambience, background cafe music, and a small corner, or window seat with a power outlet.  Purchase at least two drinks throughout your stay, and no one will even think twice about your patronage.  Especially if you’ve chosen a cafe that is known for its wifi.

Book a Private Room

This is one of my favourite ideas, many libraries have private study rooms that can be booked.


They come prepared already with power outlets, and is a perfectly comfortable setup for your literary creations.  Pack a lunch and enjoy the surroundings!  What could possibly be more inspiring than that of your favourite author’s books all around you?  I can’t think of too many better places to spend the day.

Your Personal Writer’s Retreat in Your Own Town

When I was studying, my daughter would be playing at the neighbourhood community centre park, a wonderful park actually, and while she was running around with her 10 year old friends, I put a blanket under a tree and studied the day away.  It was great!  A park is a perfect place to gain momentum for your writing ventures.

Photo Courtesy of http://tssac.vn/nguoi-huong-noi-va-du-hoc/

 Plan a Weekend Writer’s Retreat Nearby

Vancouver is close to many beautiful locations such as Vancouver Island, Seattle, or the Okanagan.  These are lovely places to get away for a writer’s retreat.

I am already thinking of planning one in Parksville, BC.  Just a 1.5 hour ferry ride from Vancouver, and home of oceanfront resorts ranging from budget to luxury; some with spas such as the famous Tigh-Na-Mara, to pamper yourself. And Regardless of where you choose to stay, the beach is always free.  A retreat close to home will keep costs down, and provide a safe beginner’s method, within close proximity to home, and give you a taste of the writer’s life; wherever you live. I am willing to bet that you can think of a place right now; nearby that is waiting to offer a great deal of inspiration meant just for you.

Sign up for Writing Workshops

Your personal retreat could consist of various workshops over a selected period of time, many are free at your library. Generally, there is also a wide selection to choose from in your own hometown.  They vary in cost, and vary in location, but they all offer an opportunity to connect with other like-minded writers while learning new techniques and skills to pave your way to writer’s nirvana.

Plan Your Writer’s Retreat Abroad

One of my favourite steps in going away is the planning process.  If you are fortunate enough to have the means, and a small amount of vacation time, then plan your next vacation as a writing retreat.  Your favourite destination can also be the source of ample inspiration.  New York is my first choice, Chicago, Arizona, even Disneyland, although…not a very quiet place, can also fill you to your Mickey Mouse Ears with ideas chalk full of dreams.  If you live in Europe, a beautiful quaint medieval town would provide hours and hours of imagination!

Let the writer in you take over for a short while, you deserve it.  To be a great writer, you need to have time to dedicate to becoming that great writer.  So go and plan your own tailor-made writer’s retreat and you just might be amazed at what come’s of it!

Please tell us any ideas you may have, any places that you think would make a wonderful writing atmosphere!  And if you’ve been on a writer’s retreat then please tell us that too!

I look forward to hearing from you,


Kathy xo

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