Designing Your Own Life!

Are you’re feeling in a rut, wondering why you’re not happy with your life, thinking of how much you wish you could change things?  Maybe you spend far too much time wishing you had more control over daily events, or control over your thoughts or even feelings, and if you do, then a change may be needed.

It wasn’t too long ago that I was feeling that exact way, believing that fate had already paved the path for my life, believing that the route in front of me is one that ultimately must be followed without question or hesitation.  Many of us believe we must follow in the footsteps  of our parents lives, or take the path to which is expected of us according to traditional values.





A friend of mine once used the term “designing your life”, and those 3 words resonated with me, and stayed with me for years.  And I thought to myself when I heard that term,  “Hey…. I want to design my own life!”; Who wouldn’t?

Of course, this can sometimes be easier said than done, and isn’t quite as simple as choosing paint colours for your bedroom wall, but it doesn’t have to be difficult either!

Those 3 words have literally changed my life, and has reminded me that your life truly is your own to design.  We can control it, ‘perhaps not every aspect’ of our lives, but we can certainly try.

I’ve decided to make changes and design my life in a way that I once only imagined, and those changes have had a positive effect on me and those around me. Designing your life is different for everyone.

Change Careers

I think probably one of the most important factors in living the life you want is to get rid of the job you don’t want.  We spend so much time working, that we need to be happy doing so.  If you dislike your job / career…. immensely.. then consider making a drastic change, one that has been planned out of course!

Move to Another City

Do you fancy yourself living in New York?  Do you dream of living in a small bungalow on a tropical island?  If you have the desire, and if it can work in regards to present attachments such as family and friends, then consider making a drastic move!  Live that dream, so many others have done it and are living the lives they want..  If the only thing stopping you is fear or doubt, then push that aside and start by researching careers or job opportunities abroad. Simply search online for information on the country or city you would want to live, and start making plans.  Another option is to volunteer abroad first, this is an amazing and popular option for those looking to add something unique, different and fulfilling to their lives.  Nomadic Matt has some incredible ideas when it comes to travelling on a budget, along with tons of valuable information you will  also find  his referrals for accredited volunteering websites such as Grassroots Volunteering.

Delete Negative Influences

This one should be easy peasy, get rid of that ‘friend’ that makes you feel inferior, or that friend that gives you ‘compliments’ that can actually be taken as insults. You know the type, or that boss who is just downright abusive.  If they cause negative feelings every time you’re around them, then it’s time to perhaps move forward to more positive options.

Research, Research, Research

Do you want to be a horticulturist?  Would you like to be an author or an independent film maker?  Regardless of what your dream is,  research it.   Thinking about opening a business on that island?  Research everything, and don’t feel guilty!  I know that’s a tough one because most of us feel guilt, (myself included) if we’re surfing the internet for too long.  Turn that surfing into something educational, I wanted to design handbags for a while…. I researched a lot, and I still love the idea!  But my life took an alternate path, which I love even more!

Photo Courtesy of

Follow that Dream, Make it Happen

If you have a specific dream, then focus on it.  Take one step towards that dream, and then take another step.  Maybe it’s as simple as naming a company you would like to create, and then maybe search the location next, then the market etc; If you take that first step, then you’re already on your way.

Check off items on your Bucket List

So you’re happy with your life just how it is, but there are things you really want to do like hike through the himalayas, or learn to play a musical instrument.  Make that first step today, and the moment you write that list down and check the first item as complete, then you will feel so motivated and pleased with yourself.  From taking up painting, to learning tennis, there are so many lessons and classes available.  Imagine being able to tell your friends that you are an artist or a tennis player!


Exercise releases endorphins and increases energy, it also reduces stress and increases self-confidence.  Walking, cycling, jogging or joining a fitness club can help you be that person you would like to be.  Exercise will propel you into the direction of self-improvement.  It can change your outlook on life almost immediately, and it’s also good for your health too!

Tell Someone

One trick to designing your life and making those huge changes is to share your goals and plans with someone close.  This will keep you accountable, and will help you to stay motivated and pointed into the right direction.  Telling someone that you are working towards becoming a graphic designer, or opening a surf shop in the Philippines will make it  more real, and suddenly becomes tangible.

Photo Courtesy of Tutorial Chip


Designing your life and making changes can be as large, or as small as you want.  It’s your life after all, and if you are feeling  in a rut, unhappy, or that life is passing you by while you watch from the sidelines then start by making changes, whether they are small changes or big changes, each change starts with a small step.  So think about taking that very first step!  I am already excited for you!






4 comments on “Designing Your Own Life!”
  1. Jen Eden says:

    Great post with really sound advice! When I’m in a rut but struggling to know what to do about it, I like to creat a mindmap of the things I DO like/love about my life and then add the things I’d like to see more of or introduce. That then gives me a sort of road map for change.☺️ I wrote a post about doin that for my career here:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathy Lum says:

    Thank-you for the comment Jen! I really liked your post as well… great pointers and best of luck with the avenues taken on your mind map 💕


  3. Lynnette says:

    Great post. Thays basically what my blog title means. I quit a 15 year career to find something I wanted and not just because of money.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kathy Lum says:

    Thank-you for the comment, I agree… it’s such a revelation when we realize that our lives can be by design….with a little motivation and a lot of will!!


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