The Multitask Writer

Many of us often wonder if it’s okay to have more than one project on the go.  I mean how could we possibly focus on two or even three articles, or work on an e-book and keep up our blog all at the same time without sacrificing quality?

Of course, let’s not forget the freelancing as well!  Working on a blog and an e-book while ensuring clients are receiving the top-notch product they expect and deserve isn’t easy… but it doesn’t have to be difficult either!

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I find nothing more exciting than having 2 or 3 projects on the go at one time.  Not only is it possible, it is necessary!

Working on that Novel

Working towards finishing your novel, or e-book can be incredibly therapeutic, yet cathartic at the same time, if you’re angry about something, find a way to use that in your novel. You’re imagination can soar; you can create your story into anything your heart desires.

Of course that’s if the novel is fiction!  If you feel the need to escape for a while, then pull out the laptop and let the words and sentences take control.  Perhaps get lost in writing at your favourite cafe, or at a park, in fact this is just one example of what makes you a true writer.. Bring a notepad and bring a pen too!  I tend to use the old writing method quite often myself.


I highly recommend it!  Blogging is so much fun, I love to check the stats and find that my posts are being read by people from all corners of the world.  It’s relaxing, and also gratifying to see an idea turn into an article or post.  Adding photos is icing on the cake, in fact I’m planning on purchasing a decent camera and building my own stock collection, easily done and with Photoshop programs, your photos will be gold for your blogs!  Blogging, is my personal baby, it is something I find enjoyable because you can get ideas from everywhere around you.

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It is very exciting to get a new client, and to work with him to create articles or essays; blogs or content marketing,  and to receive payment on top of all that!  Just knowing that someone appreciates your writing enough to pay for it is definitely ego boosting and rewarding for all your efforts.

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Finding Clients

This part, believe it or not… I absolutely love!  There are so many avenues to take in finding freelance work.

Some of my favourite and successful sites:

  • Guru is a very large site that offers freelancers ample opportunities for work, I’ve had a wonderful steady client for just about a year now from this site.  I strongly advise however to ONLY work through Guru and invoice through them and receive payment through them, because otherwise you will be unfortunately setting yourself up for scams.  I’ve been bit once… and never again.  Don’t fall for the old ‘Skype’ trick. They will ask you to work through Skype, and not through Guru.  Be warned, but if you’re careful.. it can be quite lucrative, good for beginners as well.
  • Writer’s In Charge; Bamidele offers an extensive FREE list of sites that pay writers.  This list is amazing, join his email list and you will get 101 current sites that pay writers.  He provides as much detail as possible including the pay rate!
  • BloggingPro – is another site that posts jobs for freelancers, and also has quite an exciting selection as well.

So, as you can see multitask writing is not only a good idea, it’s imperative and unavoidable.  The first and most common advice all seasoned writers give to novice writers is to just keep writing. And these are just a few of the ways to do that!

If you’re thinking of starting a writing career, then go for it!  I can’t encourage it enough…

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post….as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!!!

Happy Writing Friends xo


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