Just New York..

I was recently asked what my favourite city was, and why it was… and although I have always known, I had difficulty accepting the truth.  I love Vancouver with all of my heart, this is where my family is, and the city is beautiful. But why do I love New York?

What is it about New York that captures your soul, and the curiosity and interest of those from all around the world?  Why do we love New York so much?


For me, I believe it’s iconic of possibility and motivation.  It is the gauge frequently used to measure one’s own success, accreditation to Frank Sinatra…”If You Can Make it There…” New York is after all ‘The American Dream’ for many.  (Present political stance aside) this little island called Manhattan has taken a world stage for many years and will continue to do so for many more.

There is an abundance of other beautiful cities all over the world, in every continent, and just about every country, but why does New York stand out so much?  Is it due to celebrity populace?  No, I don’t believe so because that is what Hollywood represents.  Is it due to famous inventors, artists, writers and the like?  No… I don’t believe that either because the Italian Renaissance era, Paris and Vienna are all greatly recognized in that department! Don’t get me wrong though, NY has provided substantially gifted artists, writers and performers as well!  Hmm… could it be Broadway?

NYC3 (2)

I honestly am so perplexed on this, perhaps New York was one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and therefore became symbolic for pop culture, movies, television programs and fashion.   As we all know, New York has provided the backdrop for an abundance of film productions, and yes fashion combined, and perhaps this caught on very quickly throughout the rest of the world, and slowly more and more people wanted a taste of the ‘Big Apple’.

Either way, I ended up choosing New York as my favourite city for the strength, the endurance and spirit of the city.  I chose New York for the character of the buildings and the passion of the people which I find incredibly motivating.  In fact, New York will be providing me with inspiration, stamina and hopefully artistic ability on a writer’s retreat that I will soon be taking.  I thank-you in advance New York!


Mario Almaraz

So tell me, do you love New York?  Please tell me why!  I would love to know…. Or maybe you don’t like NYC at all; maybe another city is the apple of your eye?

I think I’ve figured out why NY is in my heart, but what city is in yours?  And why??




4 comments on “Just New York..”
  1. rebiahl says:

    I can’t wait to be done with college , there’s a lot of countries and cities , I would love to visit and I especially want to see what’s so magical about New York that people talk about it so much . My favourite city in India is UB city in Bangalore . It’s extremely beautiful.

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  2. Kathy Lum says:

    Thank you for the comment Rebiahl!!! I really need to make it to India one of these days too…,


  3. Lovely post! I am from New York City. I can see why everyone loves it so much. Such a great city. I’d love to visit Vancouver!

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    1. Kathy Lum says:

      Thank-you for the comment! Everyone around me knows how much I love NY. Originally I’m from Hamilton – just across the bridge ; ). You must definitely visit Vancouver.. it truly is beautiful…


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