Travel Pacific Northwest – Seattle’s Coffee Houses, Jazz Cafes and Serious West-Coast Style..

Traveling the West Coast with its charm and beauty can sometimes be overlooked, however it can be a destination that one would either return to often or even relocate to! As I walk along the avenues of downtown Seattle I marvel at the understated eminence of this ‘Emerald City’.  The tree lined urban streets bordering old rugged brick buildings with their grand presence that have stood the test of time. All this of course is set against the often grey backdrop of the Pacific Northwest overcast sky.  However, for some this grey backdrop provides the perfect canvas for illuminating the various rugged colors of the buildings with the elegant colors of the Ocean and rain-forest of Seattle.
The incredible travel destination of Seattle has scenery that is elegant and modest. Its landscape and color canvas for me is what ‘tropical beaches’ are to others…..The views of the city and its coast are my paradise.  There is a certain ‘je ne sais pas’ about the West coast charm of Seattle.  Perhaps it’s the overcast grey skies that we as West-coasters regard as the norm and to which our rain gear and designer umbrellas are consciously coordinated.  Maybe it’s the phenomenal Pacific Northwest cuisine that is renowned world wide… or maybe it’s Pikes Market where if you’re not careful you may be hit by the fish being thrown your way!

Pikes Place Market

This iconic local and tourist destination has been around since 1907 and is located along the famous waterfront of Elliott Bay.  Pretty much anything you are looking for can be found here; fresh produce, a European bakery, fresh dairy, traditional butcher shops, fresh fish markets, specialty fine foods, artisan crafts, restaurants and entertainment.  Of course you can’t miss the grand experience of the expert Sea fellows throwing fish across the way to one another for packaging in their traditional, well known and well practiced ‘extraordinaire’ customer service!!

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Storyville Coffee

If you’re looking for the quintessential Seattle Coffee House, then your first stop should absolutely be the upper level of the Pikes Market and right into Storyville Coffee.  A designer’s dream with a fusion mix of urban contemporary meets a rustic brick factory with  heavy wooden furnishings, a warm fireplace and incredible floor to ceiling dome shaped windows.  Storyville Coffee is definitely a great place to relax with their prime roasted coffee before taking on more of Seattle!


Photo Courtesy of Storyville Coffee Company

Of course any trip to the stunning West Coast is not complete without authentic West Coast cuisine.  Seattle is certainly known for its ‘there is no word to describe how wonderful’ amazing seafood restaurants. And I do mean AMAZING….

The Pacific Northwest Cuisine

Elliott’s Oyster House is basically synonymous with Seattle.  It is less than a 10 minute walk from Pike’s Market and also next to Seattle’s Great Wheel.  It offer’s stunning views of the bay and coastal mountains… you may even see a family of Orcas in the distance!

The Walrus and the Carpenter is another simply delicious seafood stop.  The aioli sauce for the oysters and grilled sardines are very popular items on this menu!  Another Seattle old Seattle factory transformed into a popular seafood eatery for all locals and tourists!

The Music Scene

Toula’s Restaurant and Jazz Club will absolutely get you into the Seattle spirit with live performances seven nights a week!  Located close to 1st Avenue and Lenora Street, it is the epic place to check out local and national talent on a nightly basis.

Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley has been entertaining the locals for 30+ years, and shows no sign of slowing down!  Located at 2033 6th Avenue – in the heart of the Seattle Live Music Scene.


Freemont – artsy, trendy and truly Seattle, this neighborhood carries an eclectic vibe that is a large part of the city itself.  It’s quirky, artsy, food trucks and culture abounding!  Here you will find trendy shops, bars and a bohemian atmosphere, however you had better take caution because rumor has it that there is a giant troll living under the overpass…  You won’t want to miss the eclectic Sunday Farmers Market which definitely pays homage to the quirkiness of this Seattle neighborhood!



Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Pioneer Square is an architectural haven for those of us that revel in the revival of old brick character buildings.  Seriously beautiful and seriously Seattle, Pioneer Square is indeed the heart of Seattle.  Stroll along this 1800’s neighborhood and check out the underground tour, it’s truly interesting and you will learn a lot about the history of Seattle whilst consciously aware of the city – and footsteps – above you!  Located at 614 1st Avenue at Pioneer Square.


Photo Courtesy of ‘Visit Seattle


The one thing that everyone must do when they visit Seattle is take a drive along the coast and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.  Seattle is home to many landmarks, historic stories and incredible scenery.  Enjoy the fresh air and breathe in the true nature of the Pacific Northwest that makes this side of the globe such a popular place to visit!


What is your favorite part of Seattle? Have you been here?  Are you wanting to make the trek out?  Let us know!!

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