9kms to Me, Urban Trails Vancouver Part 1

If you’re anything like me, when you want to make something happen there’s no holding back! Picture the hottest day of the year, okay it was around 35 celsius, or around 95 farenheit making temperate Vancouver seem astoundingly hot! Well I was absolutely determined to do ‘The Arbutus Greenway‘; a 9 km trail from South Vancouver on down to Granville Island. I was determined, regardless of that perfectly cloudless (should be in California) sky.  The sun was HOT.  Many of us Vancouverites are quite comfortable with our typical overcast days… So you get the picture – it was hot.

I have to be honest, shade literally defines my daily itinerary, daily walks, in fact even my day to day life, and shade is my only saving grace from turning into one of the ‘Cullens’ from the Twilight Series!!



As I left my apartment walking towards the trail the excitement started to quicken my pace, I was going to do this trail – and I was going to do it today. After all, you can only put things off for so long until you become an ‘I wish I had….’ person!

It started off innocently, it simply looked like your typical urban city trail but as I continued on I realized that it was anything but urban. The trail is straight so unlike many other trails one is able to see how far they’ve gone,  and how far is still ahead. I loved it, and surprisingly (or not so surprisingly in that heat) I was the only person on the trail for a large portion of the journey.

A little country was found in the middle of the city! This was the scenery through the majority of my 9 km jaunt, and it was during my expedition through this hidden gem here in Vancouver that I realized this was it. This was me, exploring the various trails, exploring nature even in a large Canadian city such as mine that every trip I take will be based around the joy that I find in nature.

Of course I was seeking out as much shade as possible, which as you can see by the photo was pretty limited; it however did not stop me. I absolutely loved my 9 km trek along this relatively unknown trail and was able to do a little soul-searching, a little introspection while consuming a vast amount of water to get me through to the end of the line.


As I reached the end of the line at Vancouver’s very well known Granville Island I was about as happy and exhausted as any person could be after a journey from one end of the city to the other, and I was proud for my accomplishments. I’ve never been known as being overly athletic, so this was something that I could hold as my own, something that I could harvest and work on!

I do however feel compelled to mention that the trail is currently in planning stages for further additions such as bike rentals and seating areas plus any other tidbits to make the trail more urban. I however am very thrilled to have experienced it during the initial and natural stages – and also look forward to the transformation!

When we find a passion in life, whether it be painting, writing, hiking or even walking… It keeps us focused on what is important to us.

Comfortable shoes, plenty of water and a little unknown trail… Who knew this would be my inspiration to continue with trails, hikes and walks, and who knew the  Arbutus Greenway would spark so much adventure for my future journeys!

Tell me about your hiking adventures!  Are you a nature and trail person too? I would love to hear from you, and I would LOVE to hear about some of your favourite trails…



One comment on “9kms to Me, Urban Trails Vancouver Part 1”
  1. Dee says:

    What a beautiful trail, and such a perfect (even if slightly hot) day for it! Such gorgeous flowers too – it must be great to have a trail like that close to home.


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